1 July 1945      Foundation of the company  Dietermann by Mr Wilhelm Dietermann as factory for the repair of machines of the building, wood and iron industry.

 15 July 1947     Start of production of pumps for molten metals and utensils.

 1 January 1966   After the death of the founder the company Dietermann was changed into a OHG and directed by his sons Fritz and Willi. The production range was extended to rotary pumps for molten metals, salt conveying pumps and agitators. Particularly one set a high value on satisfying each customer by solving their individual problems.

 1 January 1984    Change of Dietermann OHG into Dietermann GmbH with the shareholders Fritz Dietermann, Annegrete Plate and Helmut Dietermann. At the same time Willi Dietermann left the company.

 1 July 1998      Take-over of the company Dietermann by the two managing directors Annegrete Plate and Helmut Dietermann.


 1 January 2012      Take-over of the company Dietermann by the Pilling Group


 1 December 2013   Relocation of the company to the premises of W. Pilling Riepe in the North of Germany