We supply

  • Rotary pumps for molten metals up to 750 °C
  • lead, zinc, tin and alloys

  • geschmolzene Industriesalze

  • Pumps for galvanizing baths, melting pots, refining pots and patenting vats

  • for discharging, transferring, circulation and filling up

  • Conveying capacities of more than 1000 litres/min, constant or adjustable

  • Propeller mixers for all medias

Our products are used for:

- occasional service

- permanent service (with lead and salt)

- maintenance or in case of leakage of pots and vats


Technical specificationn:

All pumps have got steel shafts with chromium-plated surface an abearing mad of Stellite. In special cases we can solve your individual problems.